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Sober Living & Aftercare

Why Choose Sober Living? 
Sober living provides an opportunity for those once caught in the bondage of addiction to transition from past destructive patterns to new, healthy, sober choices in a safe, supportive environment. Jericho House residents focus on Christ-Centered transformation, accountability, transparency, responsibility, and integrity while building a strong foundation for their future.

What to Expect:

  • Christ-centered discipleship and training

  • Addiction recovery support and relapse prevention resources

  • Structured environment with accountability

  • Like skills development

  • Family strengthening activities 

  • Random drug and alcohol screenings

  • Connection with local church/volunteer work

  • Access to W4C Hope Center

  • Job placement and GED assistance

  • Individual and group counseling/mentoring sessions

  • And more!

Benefits offered in Sober Living include:

  • Affordable, residential setting

  • Fully furnished house

  • Single and double rooms

  • Community living

  • In-town location

  • Utilities – electric, water, gas, sewer, trash

  • Cable and Landline Phone

  • Washer and dryer on site

  • Heating and air

  • Fully equipped kitchen with dishes and  utensils

  • Linens, detergent, cleaning supplies provided

Eligibility Requirements:

Prospective residents must be 18 years or older. Residents must make a commitment to remain living a sober lifestyle, have a desire to build a solid foundation and live a life centered on Jesus.

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