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Residential Recovery


Through faith-based programming, individualized treatment plans, evidenced-based therapy, individual and group counseling, mental health therapy, family recovery, vocational training, case management, mentorship, and recreational activities, our goal is to help residents discover a complete life transformation.

The following items are provided for residents in the residential recovery program in a newly renovated, modern style facility:

  • all utilities

  • cable, internet, telephone

  • onsite laundry facilities

  • toiletries

  • linens

  • all meals, snacks, and drinks

  • transportation

  • local YMCA membership

  • and more!

Phases of Residential Program

The residential recovery program is a 4 phase program for men 18 and up who desire to overcome their addiction. Each resident begins in the Stabilization Phase 1 program and may progress to additional phases. Promotion from phase to phase is determined by a resident's class room work, attitude, and desire.

The phases are:   

        Phase 1: Stablization (4-8 weeks)

        Phase 2: Preparation (8 weeks)

        Phase 3: Integration (8 weeks)

        Phase 4: Transformation (until 1 year of recovery)

*Each phases duration is approximate and varies depending on resident's needs.

Phase 1: Stabilization (4-8 weeks)






















  • access to medical withdrawal stabilization services

  • individual and group counseling by licensed professionals with integrated mental health services for co-occurring disorders

  • spiritual mentoring

  • 24/7 addiction support

  • 12 step meetings

  • church services

  • wellness activities

  • work programs

  • special sober outings

What to expect

What to bring

After successfully completing Phase 1, residents will receive a certificate of completion and will have the option of entering into the next phase if desired.

Phase 2: Preparation (8 weeks)

Phase 3: Integration (8 weeks)

Phase 4: Transformation (until 1 year of recovery)

A typical day in the Residential Recovery Program:

     6:00 Wake Up/Breakfast

     7:20 Morning Devotion

     9:00 Spiritual Enhancement Group

     10:15-12:30 Addiction Group Therapy

     12:30 Lunch

     1:00 Afternoon Groups/Activities

     5:00 Dinner

     6:00 Evening Meeting/Church

     8:30 Small Wrap Up Group

     9:30 Lights Out

  • 7 changes of clothes

  • tennis shoes/work boots

  • jacket

  • license/identification/insurance card

  • *residents are not permitted to have money, gift cards, or cell phones during Phase 1

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